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By Utkarsha Kesarkar

Can anything ever be energizing and tranquilizing at the same time?

Yes, not putting your alarm clock on snooze!

Waking up early and watching natural light casting away darkness, is a sublime joy. The words “unforgettable” and “awe-inspiring” might perhaps be invented to convey this exact sense. Morning is meant to be a temporal and spatial journey which transports you to a state of higher awareness where you see the world outside yourself. On a simpler note, in the early morning you understand why a smiley emoji is colored like a sunflower, a flower which always seem to smile. Similarly, light can carve a pretty beam on you too if you look at it the way a sunflower does.

I captured this surreal experience in person. I woke up early for the past seven days. But there is a twist. I decided to follow the morning routine of Chhaya Momaya, life coach and my role model.

Chhaya Momaya is a celebrity luxury entrepreneur and lifestyle consultant from India with a multi-national network of clients ranging from high end brands to global VIPs. She shares about her recent visit to London. “This year London was about long walks in the parks, intimate time with family and eating food at local restaurants. But we missed a lot of shopping because of covid protocols”.

My timetable, from 6:30 am to 10:00 am, started with inviting God Spirits into my home, saying prayers at the shrine, brushing, bathing and then practicing intermittent fast on turmeric water i.e., no solid food till 10 am. Ten onwards I started sending emails or calling up friends as the first thing Chhaya always does is connecting with people. The whole experience of stepping into my role model’s shoes (ahem...ahem...stilettos) has been terrific. Besides it was very transformative to technically swap lives with another person. Now whenever I feel held back, I do the trick of asking myself what Chhaya Momaya would do if she were here instead of me right now and oh my God it really works wonders.

However, what stuck with me the most, is when for the first time I literally stood in front of my door and windows and invited Gods to stay with me in my home. I summoned the Divine Spirits of Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganpati equivalent of Greco-Roman Gods of Abundantia, Athena and Janus who symbolize prosperity, wisdom and new beginnings respectively.

The underlying principle of Hinduism is universal, in comparison to what would typically be described as religious, which is simply about acting as if you co-habit with life-serving energies instead of life-consuming energies. The term by which we recognize these energies can be as varied as population of humans on this earth. As Shakespeare famously quoted "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, in the same breath, the emphasis is on inviting novel transitions, affluence and wisdom in your heart and hearth. No matter by what name you address an energy, the effect will be as powerful.

Especially in today’s times when we are inclined to escape claustrophobia resulting out of several months staying in one place, this early morning ritual can be a welcoming change. We start appreciating the abundance around and within us – the infinite vastness of our imagination while putting complete faith in the beauty of our surroundings we took for granted in the past.

I was able to see myself above my wants. I felt that I am a fuller being who is capable of doing greater adventures that go beyond just wanting or demanding. When I perceive myself this way the stress, anxieties, insecurities attached to the wants (goals, wishes, shopping cravings etc.) would dissolve into the air of invisibility. I realised the real me; wiser me is here on this earth to prove my humanly abilities of determination, optimism and resilience on the platform of life.

Purpose of our existence is not as much about the goal, as it is about the journey; defined by the actions we do to achieve it.

Paradise is my home, and my morning is the garden of epiphanies and relaxation. The garden is open to everyone but for few hours only, so let’s wake up on time, venture out and pluck fresh flowers of ideas.

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