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ehh, this is exciting!

Here at perspectives we are always looking for new young journalists and creatives.


For the journalists! 


If you would like to write for us, all you need to do is send the following in the submission box below: 


  • An outline of your proposed idea and a rough word count.

  • An early draft of the piece. (please state if this is the case) 

  • The finished piece of work between 400 - 2000 words. (Please state if this is the case)

  • Completed literary pieces (1500 - 4000 words) and poetry are also welcomed and could be featured in our bi-annual roundup found on the ‘club’. 


Other important details for submission: 


  • If your piece is time sensitive include ‘TS’ in the heading.

  • There are no limitations on the subject of your work, food, travel, politics, photography, literature. We want to see it all.

  • If your article pitch is accepted, we ask for it to be written within three weeks of acceptance email. 

  • Our editorial team will offer extensive feedback on every pitch, and if you’re successful they’ll be on hand to help you with any questions you may have.



We care more about your story than your previous experience, so please don’t be put off if this is your first time!


For the creatives! 

If you would like to submit something in another medium, we would love to see that too. Just write a few lines describing your submission (in the 'submission details' box below) and we will be in contact by email to request around 3 pdf images that you feel best represent the whole body of your work. 

Concerning Fees:

We are a voluntary, student-run magazine which means right now all submissions are unpaid. 

Whilst this is something we hope one day to be able to change, instead we can offer a byline, links to all social media and other work, and entry into a network of other student journalists.


Any questions, please get in touch.

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